Since 1999, Tomaso Veneroso has brought new innovation to the mining industry and delivered a record of commercial success for Am Cast, Inc.

As Am Cast’s President & CEO, Tomaso is merging technologies from the Internet of Things (IoT) with tried and true mining know how. This next generation of mining capabilities is made possible by in-field networked connectivity, remote sensors to monitor equipment, and highly adaptable machinery made possible by digital controls.

Am Cast’s solutions for high wear replacement parts for the mining and construction industries, solidified the company’s reputation early on for innovation and smart, cost effective solutions. The Am Cast Product line represents advanced engineering and deep knowledge for which materials excel in a specific application. Am Cast is a recognized global leader in manganese with ceramic insert replacement parts, which provide a service life 40% longer than any competitive offering.

Am Cast launched the Rocky Tertiary Sand Crusher in 2015, quickly redefining what was considered possible in this category.